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Supply, Installation, Commissioning & Training of Burlodge Food Distribution Trolleys.

Combico in conjunction with HSE Procurement under the National Framework have entered a joint contract to supply Burlodge's range of Food Distribution Trolleys.

This contract includes Plates/Bulk Meal Transport Systems for Hotline, Regeneration of meals to all Catering Facilities within the scope of HSE Operations Nationally.

Burlodge's Distribution System has being in operation within the HSE for twenty years and Combico still have not replaced any units yet.

All our engineers are factory trained to ensure full and professional service and staff training.

Burlodge RTS CT Trolley

When you demand hot food hot and cold food cold and you want a lightweight and multipurpose trolley RTS CT is the solution.For hot meal assembly the RTS Ct has a built - in boosting capability so you are assured of hot food temperatures, while the on-board active chilling of cold food also enhances the dining experience.

In cook-chill applications the RTS CT can be configurated with single or double refrigeration for holding of cold plated foods in advance of heating.

Moreover, the RTS CT accommodates this process with meals on a single tray and it can be located in an ambient space such as a kitchen or pantry.

Burlodge RTS CT Trolley

Burlodge Multigen Trolley

The Multigen 105 series has been designed as a multi-portion point of service trolley, for cook-serve, cook chill and cook freeze food service applications.

Heating is by forced air convection using Burlodge's revolutionary dual oven technology, which, when used for regeneration, allows the heating of products with different densities and textures to be achieved over the same time ensuring optimal food quality and temperatures. I addition the dual oven compartment can be varied in size to meet different meal configuration.

Burlodge Multigen Trolley

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