Metos Tilting Kettles

We are delighted that Combico has been appointed EXCLUSIVE DISTRIBUTOR for the range of Combi Kettles in Ireland with full factory support for sales, service and spare parts.

The range of Metos cooking kettles presents a solid and safe production solution for every professional kitchen.

Integrated bottom mixer, stainless steel construction and electric tilting, automatic half energy functions which are just a few of many features that lighten the routine work and manual labour of many kitchens.

Metos Kettle offers:

Labour, Energy, Water, Space Savings Solutions and Product Consistency to caterers operating within the food service sector e.g. Food Processing Industry, Hospitals, Industrial Catering and Hotels.

Combico has dedicated personnel with knowledge to advise the correct solutions for your catering requirements.

If required a trial kettle may be arranged at your facility.

Our most recent projects:

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