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The Pre-Rinse Concept

Most manufacturers today focus on final rinse water consumption, not taking into consideration the huge amount of both fresh water consumed by manual pre - washing and energy going into the drain every day.

Wexiodisk Pre Rinse Machine WD-PRM6/7 was designed and developed to replace the labor intensive more traditional pre-wash hand shower which often precedes most commercial dishwasher installation. Traditional hand showers can cost the operator substantial amounts of fresh water and heating energy. The Wexiodisk WD-PRM6/7 utilizes the costless, chemically enriched waste water from the adjacent ware washer to effectively pre-rinse the plates, prior to entering dishwasher.

In addition to the visible reduction in energy usage, the WD-PRM6/7 is able to reduce man hours, improve efficiency and enhance the working environment with less splashed water on the surfaces and the floor around the wash-up area.

WD - PRM6/7

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