“I’ll pop round and put the kettle on!”

Tilting Kettle

Tilting kettle

Combico is taking the kettle to the customer using a new Metos Mobile Kitchen.

Our Managing Director, Ian Barry has been supplying, installing and maintaining Metos combi kettles for many years and has now mounted a 100 litre Proveno Combi Kettle in a new purpose designed demonstration vehicle.

Also included is a Viking and Culino kettle control panel, to help demonstrate the extra versatility that comes with Proveno.

Featuring ‘guided’ controls with audible signals to inform the user about required actions, such as adding water the new Proveno’s also have ADVANCED temperature control and extra heavy-duty capability.

Tilting kettle

“The new 40-400L Proveno range makes the cooking of main meals such as stews and curries, vegetables including mashed potato, soups, sauces and desserts even more efficient and user friendly,” says BGL Rieber B&I and National Account Director Jeff Fishlock.

“When cold, the kettles also do a great job of making bread dough and cake mixes. They can cook almost anything, take up a minimum of floor space and are so productive that new users will find they can save large amounts of labour

Tilting kettle

“Combico is targeting hospitals, hotels, industrial caterers, food producers as well as bars, restaurants and nursing home customers with the new generation of Metos kettles.

Call us 061-607227 or email sales@combico.ie for a Metos Kettle Demonstration!”

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