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Hot Filling comes to Combico

So, what is Hot – Fill?

Hot – Fill means that food is packed hot – minimum 85°C – and tight in bags.

Products have longer shelf life and the cooking bags retain aroma and overall quality of the food offering a full taste experience.

Food is warmed with or without bags in suitable way.

Hot – Fill is used for liquid or puree types of food.

How difficult it is to use Metos Hot – Fill machine?

Operating the machine is managed via a modern touch – screen display with user – friendly interface and built – in programmes. The display also controls how quickly the product is to be dispensed allowing flexibility in the workflow.

The Process Step by Step:

  • The suction tube is fitted to the kettle or the hose between kettle and pump is connected.

  • The desired quantity per bag is entered on the touch screen.

  • Press GO

  • Hot – Fill Dos 2 sucks the product frm the kettle dispmenisng the desired quantity into bags or containers

  • When production is finished CIP cleaning syetms is launched

  • The built – in semiautomatic CIP system cleans tubes, pipes and valves

  • The fully automated cleaning system applies detergent and disinfectatnt automatically

What kind of food can I dispense?

Metos Hot – Fill ensure quick and precise dispensing of liquid food products.

Soups, sauces and mashed potatoes are filled into bags and containers effortlessly.

The built – in scale ensures that weighing of the product happens in one and the same workflow saving time in the kitchen.

Changing the filling process from bags to containers only takes a few moments.

For more information on hot food pumping please contact a member of our team on our free phone number 1800 607 227 or email us on

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