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Bella Italias Success

'We were planning on opening our second restaurant in early 2017, we were looking for a   solution to our production problems, and how we would manage making the quantities that we realised we would have to make once our second unit opened up.  We met with Ian Barry from Combico to have a look at some solutions.  We saw the Metos Kettle in the showroom in Limerick, and got a very thorough ‘walk through’ of its capabilities from Ian. 


We quickly realised that this equipment was going to transform how we produced our food  going forward. We installed out first Metos Kettle in April 2017, and to say that it completely transformed our daily schedule in the kitchen is an understatement. The Metos Kettle is like having an extra chef in the kitchen, it has completely changed the way we produce, and how quickly we can now produce. Our 40L model, will make 3 times the batch size of a product, in one third of the time that it used to take us before.  From Bolognese sauce, to marinara sauce, Béchamel to Minestrone, mashed potatoes, risotto’s, The Metos Kettle has completely transformed our kitchen. The Kettle can also be used as a planetary mixer, to mix up cold ingredients for batches in minutes. 


We ordered our second Metos Kettle in early 2019, it is installed and working exceptionally well alongside its partner machine. Our production is literally wiped out every morning in half the time. Prioritizing what needs to be  done, and actually getting it done , is now so simple and fast , that  all our food handling staff , know and operate the machinery.


I cannot recommend this machine highly enough. The two machines have literally replaced so much of the hard work of preparing small batches of items continuously throughout the day. Our very busy City Centre kitchen acts as a production for the two restaurants, and also provides all of the sauces that we sell daily from our Deli Counters in both shops.   All of the time it takes to make sauces, decant them and get them chilled, has reduced hugely, especially since we have installed the second machine.  These machines have been the best investment we have ever made in equipment for our Business. They produce a very consistent product, repeatedly day in day out. My only regret, is that we didn’t discover the Metos Kettles, earlier than we did.'   

Caroline McMahon,

Managing Director,

Bella Italia Ltd. Limerick City Centre  . Estd 1990

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