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Training and aftercare

Maximise your staff’s Potential, Efficiency and Minimise operational and repair Cost.
Your equipment is a substantial investment for you and your company. We can provide training to your staff, to give them thorough knowledge of your equipment’s function’s, features and cleaning procedures. Proper use and care of your equipment, will help to maximise the potential, efficiency and longevity of your investment.

Our trainers are manufacturer appointed experts. The training may be organised in groups on-site or off-site. We certify your staff through demonstration and practice, and on completion of training, we will issue to your staff a certificate of competence.

Combico can deliver training throughout Ireland for any catering equipment that we supply.

Calibration of your Catering Equipment

We provide comprehensive calibration services for a full range of catering equipment throughout Ireland. Accurate temperature, proper heat cycle setting and correct usage enable high quality and appetising food when presented to your clients. All our equipment’s calibration is fully traceable and certified.

For equipment with a built in HACCP data recording system, it is essential that your catering equipment is calibrated annually so that the readings taken for food temperature is accurate. Combico Calibration process is approved by our equipment manufacturers. We can build up a statistical database of your machines and establish calibration repeatability for you as well as our suppliers.

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