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Burlodge Meal Delivery System 




Burlodge’s range of Food Distribution Trolleys defines the high standards today’s institutional food service professionals demands.

Their Advanced Meal Delivery System allows for bulk meals to be regenerated at the point of service. This ensures that users receive their meals at the correct temperature when served. Meals can be hygienically pre-plated at the kitchen onto the porcelain ware of your choice.

Designed to provide excellent solutions in:

  • work flow

  • staff safety

  • floor space requirement

  • food quality

  • customer satisfaction

  • food temperatures

Feature Products 

Burlodge Food Transport Trolleys
RTS CT Trolley

Quality Construction

  • stainless steel interior and chassis

  • carbon fiber doors

  • anti-static high impact thermoplastic top and side panels 

  • anti-microbial door latch

  • high density injected insulation throughout

  • wrap around bumper

  • jet washable inside and out

Human Factor Friendly

  • 4 vertical handles

  • optional horizontal handle add-on

  • 15% lighter than the RTS stainless steel model

  • easy to maneuver

  • low noise emission

  • removable tray rack cassette optional for easy distribution

Unique Hygiene  Features

  • anti-bacterial door latch

  • jet washable inside and out – rated IP 55

  • water capture system and foot pedal drain release

  • removable ventilation panels (no tools required)

  • disassemble centre wall with no tools

  • frame gaskets easily removed and replaced by hand

Burlodge RTS CT
Burlodge Multigen/Minigen
Burlodge Multigen Trolley
Burlodge Minigen Trolley

The Multigen Series:


• Minigen I – a single compartment unit consisting of a 7 or 8 pan capacity dual oven chamber.

• Minigen II – a two compartment unit consisting of a 4 pan capacity oven chamber and a 2 or 3 pan capacity ambient compartment.

• Multigen II – a two compartment unit consisting of a 7 or 8 pan capacity oven chamber and a 7 or 8 pan capacity ambient compartment

• Multigen III – a two compartment unit consisting of two 7 or 8 pan capacity oven chambers.

All the models have the option of refrigeration for the oven and/or ambient section. 

Unique features:


  • Dual oven technology which substantially improves food quality, temperature and presentation

  • Reduced energy consumption

  • Reduced heat output

  • LCD Electronic Controls with HACCP and/or Online Monitoring SystemSmartcard User Access ID

  • Automatic Steam Evacuation System 

  • Cleaning Cycle

  • Optional Gantry with heating and lighting system for enhanced food presentation and temperature retention

  • Air Curtain System when oven door is open 

  • Temperature probe linked to menu with ½ degree accuracy​

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